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Предприниматель Долженко Андрей Георгиевич
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109-0076: O-ring Inside Diameter (mm):  50x5.33

109-0076: O-ring Inside Diameter (mm): 50x5.33

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  • Код: 109-0076

100 руб.

109-0076: O-ring Inside Diameter (mm):  50x5.33
109-0076: O-ring Inside Diameter (mm): 50x5.33
В наличии
100 руб.
Андрей Георгиевич
  • +78635226253 Андрей Георгиевич
  • +79885361988 Андрей Андреевич
Андрей Георгиевич
  • +78635226253 Андрей Георгиевич
  • +79885361988 Андрей Андреевич

109-0076 Oring Кольцо уплотнительное

  • Applications: Automotive air conditioner seals; High temperature flex boot seals; High temperature power steering seals; Higher temperature hydraulic seals; Middle cylinder liner seals
  • Coating: PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Compatible With: Abrasion resistant; Diesel fuels; Diester lubricants; Ozone; Petroleum oils, greases; Refrigerant HFC - 134a (Non-Freon); Silicone fluids; Steam; Water base engine coolants
  • Cross Section Diameter (mm): 5.33
  • Inside Diameter (mm): 50
  • Material: HNBR (78), HNBR - Hydrogenated Nitrile
  • Material Description: HNBR provides excellent abrasion and cut resistance. It works well with Air, Engine Oil, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Oil and Automatic Transmission Fluid applications. Some formulas may be used with Coolant/Urea. Do not use with Biodiesel.
  • Not Compatible With: Aromatic and oxygenated gasolines; Automotive and aircraft brake fluids; Chlorinated hydrocarbons; Ethers; Ketones; Phosphate ester fluids
  • Notes: Dimensions and Material Descriptions provided for reference only. Color may differ from image.
  • Primary Sealing Material: Rubber
  • Seal Inside Diameter (mm): 50.17
  • Seal/O-Ring Type: Standard
  • Temperature (°C): -40° - 121°

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