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Предприниматель Долженко Андрей Георгиевич
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6V-5048: O-RING Inside Diameter (mm): 9x1.8 в наборе 466-2232

6V-5048: O-RING Inside Diameter (mm): 9x1.8 в наборе 466-2232

  • В наличии
  • Код: 6V-5048

200 руб.

6V-5048: O-RING Inside Diameter (mm): 9x1.8 в наборе 466-2232
6V-5048: O-RING Inside Diameter (mm): 9x1.8 в наборе 466-2232
В наличии
200 руб.
Андрей Георгиевич
  • +78635226253 Андрей Георгиевич
Андрей Георгиевич
  • +78635226253 Андрей Георгиевич
  • Applications: High temperature applications requiring resistance to air, fuels, lubricants and hydraulic fluids
  • Coating: None
  • Compatible With: Diester lubricants; Halogenated hydrocarbons (above 100 Deg. C); Highly resistant to compression set; Petroleum fluids; Phosphate ester fluids; Silicone fluids; Some acids
  • Cross Section Diameter (mm): 1.8
  • Inside Diameter (mm): 9
  • Material: FKM (75), FKM - Fluoroelastomer
  • Material Description: FKM provides superior performance in most applications, including Air, Engine Oil, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid and Biodiesel. Most FKM formulations should not be used with Coolant/Urea. FKM is effective in high temperatures, and has good abrasion and cut resistance.
  • Not Compatible With: Amines; Brake fluids; Engine Coolant; Fire Resistant Fluids; Ketones; Steam; Water
  • Notes: Dimensions and Material Descriptions provided for reference only. Color may differ from image.
  • Primary Sealing Material: Rubber
  • Seal Inside Diameter (mm): 8.92
  • Seal/O-Ring Type: Standard
  • Temperature (°C): -40 - 175


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325C, 320D2 FM 324D, 345D L 336D2 L 235B, 345B L 345B, 325D MH 385C, 345C MH 325D, 349D L 390F L 345C, 330D L 325D L 336D LN 349D2 L 374D L 329D L 385C L 5110B 336D L 345B II 328D LCR 330C, 322C, 329D LN 324D LN 325C FM M325D MH 374F L 375-A 340D2 L 336D2, 336D2 GC 345D L VG 349D2, 365B L 365B, 324D L 385B, 330C L 326D L 336D, 320D, 375-A L 325D FM LL 330D MH 345D, 320D GC 235C, 320D FM 345C L 324D FM LL 5130B, 365C L 390D L 329D, M325D L MH 390D, 385C L MH 324D FM 5230B, 5080, 340D L 336D2 L XE 330D, 323D L 330C FM 5090B

MD6250, MD6310

earthmoving compactor
836K, 836G, 826G, 836, 825H, 816F, 825K, 815F II 826K, 826C, 816F II 815F, 826H, 825G II 825C, 836H, 826G II

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